Packaging, Warehousing, Fulfillment and Distribution

Whatever your packaging, warehousing, fulfillment or distribution needs are – whether your items are large or small or any size between – Transpak has the equipment and expertise to handle them right.

Crating and Boxing

Transpak has the crating and boxing experience to handle your needs. We have overhead lifting capacity in excess of 450,000 pounds, which means no matter the weight or size, Transpak can handle it. In addition, we are certified by the National Safety Transit Association (NSTA) and International Safety Transit Association (ISTA) for your performance lab and packaging testing needs. You can be assured that your crating and boxing needs will meet the highest of standards.

Packaging Engineering

Transpak’s packaging engineers have the knowledge and experience to meet your specifications and solve your packaging needs. Our in-house staff engineers has extensive experience using computer assisted design (CAD) and can help you develop the proper packaging for your needs. And, Transpak has the controls in place to make sure that your packaging remains consistent time after time.

Skin and Blister Packaging

From determining which packaging method is best for your product, to designing the best package and package graphics to assembling the package, Transpak is your full-service packaging expert. Let Transpak handle the whole process for you.

All-Inclusive Fulfillment and Pick and Ship

From inspection, including count, kind and condition, to inventory, to fulfilling your orders, Transpak is your third party logistics (3PL) partner.

We will package your orders to prevent damage, custom-label to your specifications, including RFID or bar coding as needed and assemble skids for shipping.

Transpak has its own dedicated transportation department and in-house fleet of trucks. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for pick-ups. Our turn-around time for shipping is typically 24 hours. Shipments that must que for shipping will be kept safe and secure in our storage area.

Import Receiving

Transpak can import items manufactured overseas. We will receive, inspect, warehouse, and deliver the items on an as-needed basis. Transpak can also manage returns of damaged items.

Dedicated High-Cube Warehouse

Transpak’s warehouse is 300,000 square feet and includes a sprinkler system, heating system, data based locations, 24-hour security and is fully-equipped to handle your warehousing needs. The warehouse enables stacking from five- to eight-stacks which lowers the square footage needed to store your items, thus lowering the cost to you.

Clean Room Capabilities

Transpak developed its clean room specifically to handle your contract packaging requiring a clean room environment.