Logistics Management

Transpak stands out when it comes to handling your logistics because we have several key systems in place to save you time and money. Whatever your particular needs are, we can customize our services to meet them.

Many Parts From Several Suppliers

If you have a number of component parts coming from several different suppliers, Transpak can receive all the shipments, inspect the components for you as they arrive, warehouse the various parts, and use our automated retrieval systems to draw the parts out of inventory, and ship them as needed. Non-conforming parts will be quarantined for your disposition.

Manage Inventory Online 24/7

Transpak’s Inventory Management System is efficient and accurate. Plus, you can manage your inventory in real time, using Transpak’s online information service. It’s easily accessible right from your desk 24 hours a day, seven days a week offering you clear and simple fulfillment and order tracking capabilities. It’s also password protected to ensure security.

Cost Savings For You

Transpak can save you dollars. Use our floor space instead of your own. Expand your operation or product lines without having to spend resources. Reduce your liability and lower your labor costs by using Transpak’s specially trained staff.

Accurate, Damage-Free Inventory

Transpak’s 50-plus years of experience ensures that your inventory will be accurate and your goods will be safe.